Friday, July 14, 2017

Increasing the Speed of a Tennis Serve

A pharmacist with over a decade of experience, Ashok Pinnamaraju leads Williamson Road Pharmacy as its owner and pharmacist. When he’s not busy overseeing the concern and serving his customers, Ashok Pinnamaraju enjoys playing tennis.

Regardless of a tennis player’s accuracy or skill, his or her overall game can be hugely impacted by the speed of his or her serve. The following are a few ways that players can increase the speed of their service:

- Change grip. By far the best grip for increasing serving speed, the continental grip can accommodate several types of serves and is frequently used by players who are known to have a powerful serve. Further, players should try loosening their grip to allow their racket to move more freely as they swing it forward.

- Experiment with wind-ups. Depending on the wind-up players choose, the tennis ball may move in different ways. Classic wind-ups, which involve bringing the racket down and back, are more standard and allow players to move more smoothly. However, shorter wind-ups, which bring the racket up and back, result in a more powerful serve.

- Check point of contact. This is the most basic component of the tennis serve. While players can alter their grip and wind-up, having a poor point of contact dramatically decreases a serve’s speed. Ideally, players are fully extended when the ball touches the racket face to ensure their body generates as much power as possible.

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